Why I want to represent you:

For years our government has been dysfunctional, however, more recently it has turned into oppositional camps that have dug in and refuse to even talk to each other. When Maxine Waters called for citizens to harass Trump officials, this was a turning point in American politics. This is not who we are as a country.

There is a place and time to address grievances. Public places such as restaurants and other "family" time locations aren't it. I guess the point at which I realized I could no longer sit on the sidelines was the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. The amount of animosity and just plain hate was palpable, quickly turning into an embarrassment for the county. Regardless of our party alliances, the lack of civility and respect toward each other is wrong.

Our government must have people willing to listen to all sides of an argument and to then debate the issue before passing judgment and moving forward with legislation. Government is a job, we need people that will roll up their sleeves, show up to work every day, and get things done. As a traveling construction worker, I have worked many jobs that required me to work seven days a week and twelve hours a day. I hope to bring that work ethic to Washington to help solve some of the problems that have been plaguing this country for a long time.

Protecting the environment:

Climate change is real, but not in the manner that some are leading you to believe. The Earth has passed through several cycles of warming as well as cooling, this is nature. However, pollution and environmental changes caused by man are legitimate concerns. Additionally, Florida waterways are an important part of our economy as well as a way of life.

As an avid fisherman and boater our water quality is very personal to me. Fresh water intrusion into the Salt water of our coast is causing distress to not only fish habitat but health issues for people and their pets. The algae blooms cause respiratory problems as well as severe reactions for pets and wildlife that drink the contaminated water. The water is desperately needed south in the Everglades to nourish the estuaries where so many species start life.

We must work together to ensure a healthy environment for our children and grandchildren; one with abundant wildlife and natural beauty to be enjoyed by all.

Immigration reform and border control:

Indisputably, immigration is one of the biggest debates of this century. It is a complicated problem compounded by a Congress who has refused to solve our broken immigration policy for years. Now, it is a crisis.

Mass numbers of people are gaining entry without:

1. Proper documentation

2. Bypasses screening process

3. Health records / immunizations

4. Alarming increase in once eradicated diseases, like measles

5. Criminal background checks

6. Human traffickers exploiting women and children

7. Drug cartels and flow of illegal drugs

The desire of a better life in America is understandable (especially at taxpayer’s expense), and many risk the journey to escape bad situations in their home country. The first step in solving any problem is to gain control of the situation. To fix the immigration problem, we must secure the border now. Then we can develop a plan to help not only the ones already here, but the ones who still want to come.

Jobs and economy:

The economy is booming! In some instances, we have more jobs available than there are people to fill them. We must ensure that we stay on track and do not revert to old policies that would endanger this growth.

To move the economy to even greater heights, we must grow the workforce with education and training. The stigma of "not having" a college education must end (as well as the out of control student loan debt). The renewed need for more tradesmen and vocational training is vital to rebuilding America. Infrastructure throughout the United States is in drastic need of repair. Skilled workers are back in demand and once again have the opportunity for successful careers with great pay, many with insurance and other benefits. Those in the "trades" can say, "I helped build that.".

Term Limits:

The 22nd amendment to the United State Constitution limits the president to two terms. Why are term limits only for the president? Two terms for the President is eight years. If this was such a good idea to limit the power of someone in office, shouldn't it apply to all federal offices?

Being in a job too long leads to complacency and in extreme circumstances, as we are sadly seeing in Congress and government today, abuse of power. Term limits properly mandate: Do your public service and return to the private sector.

Tax returns:

For the past several presidents it has been customary to release their tax returns. There is no law requiring them to do so, but should there be? Given what we know of the net worth of many of our longtime members of Congress, the question comes to mind; How do you get rich on a public service salary?

It is my opinion that all federal elected officials should provide tax returns for two years prior to being elected, as well as every year thereafter, while holding office. Transparency will eliminate, or strongly dissuade, any thoughts of abuse of power such as insider trading or other inappropriate forms of compensation.


My grandson Fischer Wade Musselwhite.

2nd Amendment:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

We cannot continue to blame an instrument for people’s actions. We have a mental health problem and it is getting worse. A reporter was brutally beaten by Antifa in Portland, and for what? They didn’t agree with his opinion?

Our ability to protect ourselves is a basic human right, and if we restrict this right in any way we are making the world a more dangerous place not a safer one.